English Pen Pal Project

Primary School. 5th grades to 7th

Dear Parents,

While teaching in Spain a few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting an English teacher from a school in Sydney, Australia and I’ve always kept in touch with him via e-mail.

Well this year it occurred to me to start this Pen Pal project to try to stimulate our young primary students and help them realise the power of writing, especially in a foreign language.


My fellow colleagues Russell Augustine and Harthman Carpio were of course very interested, and although it involved a lot of preparation they decided to experiment.

They helped and motivated the students towards this project and I would go as far as saying that it as has been very successful.


The students were very excited upon receiving a letter from far off country like Australia. We hope that our students will continue to write and keep this new found friendship going.


Congratulations teachers and students.
All the best.
Sean Redmond.


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