Intisana spells "Victory" at Letort Contest

It is a pleasure to report that the school participated in the Spelling Bee organized by Colegio Letort on Friday, March 19. There were about 18 schools participating, among which were: Isaac Newton, Cambridge school, Liceo del Valle, SEK, and others.

Our students received the 2nd place in the 6th graders category and the 1st place in the 7th grades category. The winners were Martín Yépez (6th grade "A") and Francisco Ponce (7th grade "A"). Martín's participation lasted about one hour and Francisco's participation about one hour and a half.

After 20 rounds, Francisco and a participant from Cambridge School were the finalists and they started to spell words from a dictionary! Francisco won after spelling the word "balloon"correctly. It was an intense and hard competition since the contestants couldn't stop and repeat the word once they started spelling it.

The prizes were given to the winners of the contest on Wednesday, April 07 during the Closing Ceremony at 10:00 a.m. in Letort's auditorium.

Congratulations to these boys and their hard work!


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