Intisana Succeeds in an English Contest

Writen by
José Ignacio Anangonó  and Patricio Alvarez

Learning English goes beyond the classroom. Intisana High School is an institution that has been working for 46 years with the idea of creating leaders for our society. Due to this, English has been a tool that provides our students the ability of being the head of future society. Thinking in English and expressing ideas with the language is a skill that students develop during the process of learning the language by different subjects as a result, students are able to express their ideas freely and clearly. Every achievement has a process and since basic school our students have been participating in curriculum activities which focus on using English in a natural way. 

It was a great experience working with Raul Navarrete and seeing his successes in class and at the contest. Raul has been at Colegio Intisana since second basic. Now, as his English teacher in first and second baccalaureate I can say that it was a long process working with Raul these last two years. In fact, he learned a lot from idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, grammar styles, and the most difficult part putting it all together in an essay. He did a great job overcoming his fear of public speaking by focusing on certain skills such as body posture and eye contact. These skills were gained in the classroom by practicing speaking in front of the class and also making videos about some IB topics such as communication and media, science - technology and social relationships. Working with the students on these topics has given everyone a better understanding of the process and what it takes to communicate well in English.

The speech contest was held last Friday 30th of November at Los Pinos High School. The contest was based on the idea of how to bring a peaceful culture to our world. The participants from schools like Americano, Sek, Los Pinos, Letort and some others showed an excellent level of English which provides a general view that English goes beyond a subject in our schools.

Pronunciation, body posture, oral expression and fluency were some of the aspects that the members of the jury evaluated. After fourteen participants, Raúl Navarrete had his opportunity and he showed confidence and knowledge during his presentation. Raúl developed his research based on a topic and then he developed an excellent essay to be based on. After that, he expressed the information and ideas in a natural and fluent way showing confidence during his speech. As a result, Raúl obtained the first prize over Americano and Los Pinos High School respectively.

Intisanas should be proud of this prize and it is an example that learning English at Intisana High School is really worthwhile.

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