Intisana on the road to professional excellence

Intisana on the road to professional excellence

In January 2018 two teachers from the English Dept. decided to take up the challenge of studying the Cambridge Celta Certification in TESOL. Eduardo Jarrin English Dept. Director and Sean Redmond from the primary school began this rigorous course. The Celta is considered a Level 5 qualification according to UK gov. standards and relates to the following criteria: (ability to increase the depth of knowledge and understanding of an area of work or study, so you can respond to complex problems and situations. Which involve a high level of work expertise and competence in managing and training others. Suitable for people working as higher grade technicians, professionals or managers) and within the ESL teaching world is considered one of the most sought after qualifications.

The course was a real test for both teachers but incredibly enlightening in terms of methodology, planning styles, language analyses and how to execute an effective class. These were completely new concepts to both teachers, in spite of them having nearly 40 years of teaching experience between them. It was an incredible invigorating course in terms of how to plan a class meticulously by forming each stage down to the last second. It also focused on a student centered class, rather than a traditional teacher based class.

Eduardo and Sean are very eager to share what they have learnt with their fellow teacher colleges in order to improve the English excellence at Intisana, which the School Directive Council demands from all its teachers.

Eduardo and Sean would like to express their gratitude to Intisana College and their families, for all their support in the pursuit of professional growth.

Congratulations!  Eduardo and Sean on their CELTA qualification.



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