Our visit to the museum

On March the 10, we had the great opportunity to go to the “Benjamin Carrion” Colonial Arts Museum. This is one of the oldest museums about the history of Quito, and despite being small; it is big in cultural and artistic exhibitions.
We got there early so we walked around the colonial area which is the oldest part of the city with churches and buildings of great historical significance.
As soon as we got to the museum, we left our bags in lockers and proceeded to take the guided tour. When going around the museum, we could see a lot of paintings and sculptures, some of them even from the time when the Incas were conquered by the Spaniards. As we went on, we got to the point in which Quito became a Spanish colony.
We could see how religion clearly influenced on these paintings and sculptures as saints are the ones represented on them. After finishing the visit, we got our stuff back from our lockers and headed to nearby café where we enjoyed ham sandwiches and traditional ice cream.
To sum up, going to the museum was a great and interesting experience which will surely enrich the cultural perspective that our students possess.

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