The Examinations from the University of Cambridge



THIS IS the second consecutive year our school has achieved the recognition as a Centre to prepare students for the examinations issued by the “University of Cambridge”. We really want to thank to all the people involved in this objective, the board of directors, teachers and especially our brilliant students who performed in an outstanding way so as to get the following results: 235 students signed in for the exams, from the “Starters” certification up to the “CAE”, which is the fifth level (out of six), that can be obtained. 234 got the certifications, number which represents the 99.5% success. Once again, it is necessary to point out that this is an international evaluation which is assessed in London, England then, the results show all the improvements that Intisana has made in these past years.




The examinations from The University of Cambridge are recognized worldwide in many colleges, companies and education organizations in several countries. They accept them as valid certifications which show the level of English a person possesses.


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